Stay cool. Stay comfortable.

Explore our line of cooling towels, caps, and headbands. Composed of CoolPoint Performance Fabric ®, you’ll stay cool and comfortable no matter where you are, or how hard you sweat.
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    Cooling Towels for Every Activity

    From running, hiking, or golfing outdoors, to pushing your limits at the gym, keeping cool helps you perform at your best. Perfect Fitness Perfect Cooling Towels, Caps, and Headbands are made from a lightweight hyper-evaporative fabric, which retains water while still remaining dry. Simply place a cooling towel around your neck for instant relief, and when it stops cooling you off, re-soak the towel in water, wring it out and place it back for immediate relief.

    So wherever you go, be prepared with Perfect Fitness sports cooling towels. Machine washable, ultra-lightweight and compact, they’re a must-have for every outdoor adventure and indoor workout.