Monitor and track your progress at home or on-the-go.

Progress happens every day, and when you can measure it, you’re more likely to reach your goals. Our line of fitness monitoring tools include pedometers, step counters, and digital stopwatches. From tracking daily steps to beating records around the track, there’s nothing you can’t do with Perfect.
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    Measure Your Progress, Reach Your Goals

    For coaches and support crews, browse our Perfect digital stopwatches. Accurate and simple, it’s a must-have tool to keep your team on track. Stopwatches feature time/date and daily alarm as well as a safety lanyard that comfortably hangs around your neck.

    For walkers, runners, and everyone in between, tracking your daily steps is easy with one of Perfect’s pedometers. Clip on pedometers are compact and light, ideal for all day wear. You can even set your goals with the step goal meter. For every goal, there’s Perfect.