Strengthen arms, chest, core, and back with the Perfect Pushup.

Designed for all fitness levels, the Perfect Pushup line targets your arms, chest, core, and back. Explore our collection of innovative push-up bars and stands. With Perfect, your goals are just a push away.
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    Every home gym should be equipped with Perfect. Compact and minimal, our push-up handles and push-up bars require little space, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. So no matter where you go, go with Perfect.

    The Perfect Combination of Technology and Design

    For every fitness goal, there’s a Perfect solution. Discover our push-up bars, which feature rotating handles to maximize strength while reducing joint strain. Push-up stands are uniquely built to increase your range of motion so you can see results faster. With over 6 million Perfect Pushups sold, you’ll be in good company. Join the movement today.