Perfect Fitness is for everyone. It's for the ones just starting their health journey to the veteran athletes looking to intensify their training, and everyone in between. Our home-gym products are compact and minimal, working your entire body without the need of additional weights or bulky machines.


Perfect Fitness products are customizable, so no matter your fitness level, you'll be able to challenge yourself and reach your goals. With a strong focus on functional training, natural movements and back-to-basics principles, you'll feel empowered to keep moving and keep pushing the limits.

If you're looking for a way to ditch sit-ups and/or ways to make your ab workouts much more effective and fun, look into picking up the Ab Carver Pro Roller and you'll likely have an easier time starting a habit.


I've used six different abdominal rollers that I can remember (including the one my dad made by stealing the wheels from a shopping cart), and the Perfect Ab-Carver Pro is the best.


Toning the abs, shoulders and back of the arms, roll-outs can feel difficult to master and intimidating if you haven’t done them before but this pro wheel features foam padded handles for comfortable grip and the ultra-wide wheel provides extra stability as you move.


If the thought of doing one more crunch has you weeping, this is the perfect fitness tool for you. This ab wheel allows you to customize your core workout, plus it is seriously compact, so you can hide it under the bed when you’re done flexin’ those abs of steel.



A seven-year veteran of the U.S. Navy Seals, founder Alden Mills was chosen to study why the Seals suffered high injury rates. Learning that injuries were linked to outdated training methods, Mills set out to create a functional training method that would reduce injuries while maximizing results.


In 2006, The Perfect Pushup was created and since it's launch has sold over 6 million units. Using innovative designs and training methodology, Perfect Fitness has grown to include products that focus on the entire body, helping people of all fitness levels achieve their goals.